The Revolutionary Agreements are an inspiring set of principles and techniques to live purposefully.  They are tremendous tools for experiencing peace during stressful times, for enriching relationships at home and work, and for fostering creativity and leadership. The Agreements and the three Pillars into which the agreements self-organize are shown in the poster below. 

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2019 Revolutionary Agreeements Program

The power of these Agreements is in applying and practicing them. The program offers fun and purposeful activities to help you experience the power of the Agreements in your life. The group will explore meaning together, and share support, insights and challenges. We will utilize the book Revolutionary Agreements by award-wining author Marian Head, and focus on integrating one principle each week. (Each chapter is a quick read!)  Click here to learn about and purchase the book. 

This 3-month course meets once a week on Zoom (which is like being together in a living room but online)

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Cost: $349.00  

Click the button below to register and to join us in living your life in ever-greater peace, purposefulness, and joy.  Contact me to explore whether this program is right for you.  Click on the video below to hear more about the Agreements from author Marian Head  


This interactive exploration into the Agreements will bring congruence to your life and enrich your relationships, from the boardroom to the bedroom.  See a brief explanation below of the primary focus of each Agreement.  


SESSION 1: Live My Mission

Do you have a mission?  Explore what this means and how to live your personal purpose daily.

SESSION 2: Speak My Truth, With Compassion

Be able to speak your truth with compassion rather than drama.

SESSION 3: Look Within When I React

Transform your negative reactions to others’ behavior into greater self-awareness.

SESSION 4: Keep Doing What Works and Change What Doesn’t

Lay the track to change at least one thing not working in your life.

SESSION 5: Listen With My Heart

Be able to notice if you begin to compare, analyze, or judge the person who is speaking – and shift focus to listen fully to hear him or her.

SESSION 6: Respect Our Differences

Transform judgment and negative thoughts about someone’s behavior into more understanding.

SESSION 7: Resolve Conflicts Directly

Learn how to more easily initiate conflict resolution directly with the people involved.

SESSION 8: Honor Our Choices

Learn to move forward regardless of negative outcomes of past decisions, and find the value gained.

SESSION 9: Give and Receive Thanks

Practice the skills to fully give and receive appreciation.

SESSION 10: See the Best in Myself and Others

Unlock your potential, improve collaboration skills and enrich your relationships with others.

SESSION 11: Look for Blessings in Disguise

Learn and practice how to more readily see the silver lining behind dark clouds in your life.

SESSION 12: Lighten Up!

Practice being present as a path to greater inner peace. We explore presence and laughter as two ways to lighten up - and we have a good time while doing it!


Email Sharon to learn more, to set up a call or if you are interested but the dates don't work!

Program Testimonials

“The way we are reading the book and practicing the principles is easy and very effective for me. I am constantly aware of the Agreements and how I am applying them in my daily life.”

“Wonderful practice and enhancement to living my life authentically and with peace.”

“This is life changing stuff. Simple and effective.”

“The 'personalization' of this course is what makes it so valuable. We are putting ourselves into our own lives.”

Book Testimonials

Revolutionary Agreements is a thought-provoking and inspiring set of techniques to facilitate true peace in personal relationships...a great book.   - Former US Congressman Dennis J. Kunnich, 2003 recipient of the Ghandi Peace Award

The Revolutionary Agreements have changed lives, transformed businesses and improved communities... They are an idea whose time has come.  - Ward Flynn, author, The Truth Zone: Building a Truthful Organization form the Ground Up

John Lennon dared us to "imagine."  Marian Head took him seriously an did something about it: she wrote Revolutionary Agreements ... the ultimate handbook for change, a powerful template for changing the way we relate to one another.  - Chris Gross, CEO, Gabriel Media Group