Energetic Alignment

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What is Energetic Alignment?

Do you feel light, energetic and positive most of the time?  This is your natural state of alignment, but we often feel heavy, weighed down, tense and anxious due to the stresses of our daily lives.  We tend to hold our breath when stressed, store tension in our muscles and block painful emotions from awareness.  These tensions and blockages can impact our hormonal systems, as well as digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular, leading to a variety of symptoms and issues.  "Our issues are in our tissues," is a truism, and we sometimes need help to release and rebalance.  An energy alignment session can restore a sense of calm and flow, and build awareness of where and how we constrict our bodies. Clients also find insight into how their thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact their health and well-being, resulting in the ability to have a more positive outlook.  I offer this work through Intuitive Bodywork (in person sessions) or  Energy Alignment (in live Zoom session online).

Intuitive Bodywork

Bodywork sessions take place fully clothed on a comfortable massage table.  We will gently find and release tension and blockages held in your body and energetic field, and you will gain insight through breath work, guided meditation, visualization and attunement to your Self. My approach is intuitive, integrating methods learned from many years of spiritual practices and study in the healing arts. See below for more information about methods and training credentials.

Energy Alignment Sessions

I have found that online sessions can be equally effective in energetic alignment, accomplishing the release of tensions and blockages and facilitating insights through breath work, guided meditation, visualization and attunement to your Self.  It is important to ensure that you have a private space and will not be disturbed during your session.

Credentials and MetHods

I have a Masters Degree in Integral Counseling and Psychotherapy from the California Institute for Integral Studies, and have studied both Eastern and Western approaches to healing, therapy and somatic education. 

Methods I draw from include Polarity Therapy, Pressure Point, Trager, Attunement, Pranic Energy Therapy and Sai Maa Diksha.  These are all modalities that can help release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitate deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.

I have taught workshops for individuals and couples to learn to release head, neck and shoulder tension for themselves and others through a combination of energy awareness, attunement, pressure point and massage techniques.