Coaching for Success

Success Coaching helps you clarify values, priorities and choices, while uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs. Sharon inspires and guides clients to master the ability to consistently produce the results and well-being they desire, in all dimensions of living. 



The value of coaching is in helping you go farther and faster than you could alone!  

The value of coaching is in helping you go farther and faster than you could alone!  

is customized to your needs and goals.  A typical program includes:    

  •  8-12 customized, 1-3 hour confidential sessions
  •  A 6-month coaching collaboration; email and phone support
  •  Time for reflection, discovery and insight
  •  Workbook, tools and resources
  •  A proven 9 step process to achieve the identified results 


The 9 Step Process

    ENVISION            Clarify purpose, vision and goals
    ASSESS                   Review the present in light of purpose
    EXPLORE              Examine assumptions and explore new possibilities
    FOCUS                  Clarify and commit to desired outcomes
    EXPERIMENT      Take risks, practice new thinking and actions
    REFLECT              Increase your ability to observe, reflect and learn
    RELEASE               Know when and how to let go and how to create balance
    ACHIEVE              Acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate successes.                                                            SUSTAIN               Learn to sustain your successes and generate new successes


Coaching Content

This program is customized to focus on key result areas defined by the individual client.  Clients have used coaching to:

  •     Find a renewed sense of purpose and connection to their authentic Self
  •     Grow in their career or business, change careers or start a business    
  •     Gain self-awareness and increase self-confidence
  •     Translate visions into achievable plans and steps 
  •     Utilize the power of intention and focused awareness
  •     Create balance between personal and professional life
  •     Develop daily habits to decrease stress and increase personal productivity
  •     Improve health, personal satisfaction and well-being
  •     Deepen communication skills and the ability to partner
  •     Build satisfying relationships
    Light up your brain and your life!

    Light up your brain and your life!

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Client Testimonials

"I can be truthful, honest and real and you are real back, which results in me working things through.  This gets me back into the now, the razor's edge, where my creativity lies.  I find new thoughts and actions as a result. I felt you were an excellent coach for me."   S. Porter, Attorney 

"This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Sharon's coaching, urging, guiding and kindness was invaluable. I would recommend her and this process to any and all."   Vice President, Health Care System

"Coaching with Sharon enabled me to develop systems and tools that have doubled my productivity! I have exceeded my six-month business goals."   Amy Steelman, Communications Business Owner

"Coaching with Sharon has been the best investment I've made in myself. Sharon has empowered me to become a stronger, more confident woman in my personal life and my career."   Cherie DePiano, Owner, Windows Repair and Restoration