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Access Your Inner Wisdom

A guided journey with Stephany Porter, N.D., FABNO, and Sharon Hardy, M.A.

In this program, you will deepen your ability to:

  • Access your inner guidance
  • Discover the power of your Imagination
  • Develop your Intuition
  • Understand and empower your Perception

WHERE:  Live online using Zoom technology

WHEN:   FALL dates coming soon! 

Classes will begin with a centering meditation and check-in, followed by teachings, guided exercises and the opportunity for sharing experiences. This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh yourself, to remember who you are and and reimagine who you are becoming!

Stephany Porter, ND, FABNO is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor,  founder of the Bodhi Clinic and an inspiring teacher.  To learn more about her work, visit the Bodhi Clinic website.


Who are we?  Where does inner wisdom come from, and how do we access it?  What are our minds truly to be used for? Discover the value and power of operating at a higher frequency than our normal waking consciousness and mental activity.  Learn how to go within for answers, insights, courage, strength and more. Create a sanctuary where you imagination is free to explore. Understand the conscious and subconscious mind and how to take charge. will use guided meditation as a pathway to cultivate awareness and inner guidance.  

Imagination. Our ability to imagine is a precious gift. Most adults underuse this faculty, whereas children naturally use this as they play, learn and grow.  We can deliberately use the power of imagination to create goals we are excited about and to think BIG!  Imagine a positive future filled with what you want to have, do and be in your life.  We will utilize guided visualization to exercise our faculty of imagination to create and then enlarge and enliven a goal, and to build clarity and precision.: 

Intuition.  What a fabulous faculty this is!  We all have experiences of inner promptings or gut feelings about people or situations.   We will do an exercise to invite and increase our awareness of intuition - how we receive it and how we learn to trust it and differentiate it from ego-based thought. Learn how to turn this into action, to trust your intuition/inner knowing and to be conscious in working toward peace/fulfillment in your life. We will share tips, tools and a daily practice for cultivating your intuition.

Perception.  When we look at thing form many different angles, we start to see that "reality" is very subjective!  There are current situations and past history, and we assess and interpret what those facts tell us as we imagine the future. Using our perceptive abilities skillfully allows us see different perspectives and open up new possibilities for the future we want to create.

 Register:  Call the Bodhi Clinic at 410-923-8888